From Text Blast to Text Flash… Meet Barry.

Learn how our new Barry texting platform will transform your text messages from annoying, generic blasts to create a customized, segmented text flash.

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Text Flash

It’s a brand-new tool to reach your customers by text. We all know that text messaging matters. Your customers are addicted to text messages. We all are. It’s almost impossible to ignore a text message. Why? Because texts are the most hyper targeted form of communication from people you care about. They form part of a digital conversation about the topics that matter most and keep people connected. Barry lets you: Create, proof, test, segment and blast in as little as ten minutes. This is marketing and communications agility at its best.

Don’t Assume Your Customers Love
your Text Blast Message – Nobody Does

You know that people hate text blast messages. Why? Because you are like everyone else on earth - you hate getting a generic text blast message. Our love for text messages is driven by our analytics. We know that a text message to a customer can be extremely effective at driving desired consumer activity. The numbers don’t lie. Text marketing is currently one of the most cost-effective, agile marketing tactics driving positive marketing ROI.


Research shows up to 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt and 82% of people say they open every text message they receive.

But the way that many companies have been blasting out texts is doing more harm that good, pushing their customers away with a message that acts as a digital repellent. Here’s why they fail:
  1. Everyone in a text blast gets the same message
  2. Blasted text replies go back to a computer, not a human
  3. You can’t segment your blasts to appear as if they are coming from multiple, unique senders
Great text blasts are the result of care and attention you put into crafting them. Barry makes it easy to iterate, test and proof your blasts. Don’t be a weak marketer...
A text flash is different. The Barry platform allows you send a message that is relevant, timely, actionable and personalized to your segmented customer base.
Still need convincing on the benefits of introducing text flashes? Let us show you more.

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