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Once subscribed you’ll get access to the online Barry platform, an online one-hour training session, and easy-to-follow instructions. You will learn how to:
  • Add your contacts to Barry manually, or upload them from an Excel or CSV file
  • You can assign your contacts to appropriate groups
  • Choose to send a message to all your contacts or to specific groups
  • Compose your message, adding hyperlinks or images
  • Preview the message
  • Select whether to send the message immediately or at a future day and time
And… Send! Barry takes care of the rest, delivering the message at the time you’ve scheduled.
Step 1
Once you are in your account, simply click on 'Add New Item' to start your brand new text campaign.
Simply name your campaign. In this case, our client Taco World, wants to promote their upcoming Taco Tuesday sales offer.
Step 2
Step 3
Once you've titled your campaign, go ahead and enter the body of the message that you want to be texted, and insert your dynamic data.
Once you've titled your campaign, go ahead and enter the body of the message that you want to be texted, and insert your dynamic data.
Step 4
Step 5
Once selected, save the image for to be included with your text.
Next, schedule a send time/date for your campaign and select where text replies get routed: either within Barry on the desktop, or to a unique representative with a cell phone in your organization. Finally, 'Send Test' for internal review, and/or hit 'Send Now' to have the scheduled post ready to go live!
Step 6
Step 7
It was that "simple"... Now dig into your "real"-time analytics to gain valuable insights. View your open rate and link clicks. See how your audience is reacting and use this intelligence to plan your next campaign.
Sound easy? It is! Contact us for a quick demo and pricing!
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What’s the difference between using Barry’s text flash and group texts?

Group texts have a limit to the number of people you can include in the group, depending on mobile carrier and device. With Barry’s blast texts, the limit is… limitless!

Another difference is that in group texts, the message is generic - not customized to the recipient – AND if someone replies, everyone sees that message. With Barry, the reply is private and you can carry on a one-on-one text conversation.

One more difference between Barry and group texts is opting out of future messages. In group texts, if someone leaves the group, they can be contacted again in another group. When using Barry for sending text messages, recipients can opt out easily by replying with “stop” or “unsubscribe”. Barry takes care of updating the status of that record in your data . That database can be exported at any time to update your master CASL compliant list.


Still need convincing on the benefits of introducing text flashes? Let us show you more.

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