We built a tool that lets you create and send highly customized, targeted, and effective text marketing campaigns that are fully CASL/CAN-SPAM compliant. You can even add images and hyperlinks! All you need is an internet-connected computer with a browser to get started.

with an annual subscription.*
This includes a maximum of 1,000 texts including one image, per month. A total of 12,000 texts per year.
If your text volume exceeds the 1,000/month, an additional flat fee of $40/Thousand will be charged to your account. For example, if you sent an additional 500 texts in a given month you would receive a one time additional bill for $40. Unused texts do not roll over.

Maintaining a compliant database of text contacts is a critical piece of text marketing. Our development team can help integrate Barry with most common inbound and CRM tools like Salesforce, Nutshell, HubSpot, Active Campaign and Zendesk. To get a price estimate please contact us here.
Questions? We're happy to walk you through all options!

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*When signing up for Barry, you will be billed $150/month for a period of twelve months from your start date. Texts received back count against your monthly text allocation. Barry allows for one “forward to” number. For each additional “unique forward to” number, an additional fee of $14/month will be added to your monthly bill. For each “unique send from” phone number, an additional fee of $5/month will be added to your monthly fee.
Still need convincing on the benefits of introducing text flashes? Let us show you more.

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