Why Use Barry?

Text Flash from Barry: A message your customers won’t hate 

You can text Olivia to tell her that her favourite tacos are on special today today.

You can text Mike to let him know that he’s due for a haircut next week and suggest that when he comes in, he books extra time for the new straight-razor shave.

Include images and trackable hyperlinks to make your open rate go up and your Call to Action really convert

And when Olivia and Mike reply, they talk to you. The replies were routed to your phone and you can follow up to answer questions, book their appointment and close the sales.

  1. Coded to customize the recipient’s names or information to make the text unique
  2. You can build simple messaging templates, allows for consistent formatting that recognized and trusted by your customers.
  3. Can add an image, engaging customers with visuals that matter to them.
  4. Providing a hyperlink with an automatic Bitly back to your website.

Barry - It’s like sending one text after another after another in a flash

You know you’ve done it. Standing in the middle of the grocery store with your phone in front of your face, leaning on the cart while you send out a few key texts. Or, if you’re a sales rep, you send the same message as an individual text to each of your top customers, one after another, because you know it works. But it’s time consuming and you can literally burn hours sitting at your desk with your phone in your hands sharing timely information about your products and services and answering their questions.

There isn’t a company on earth that hired a sales rep to sit at a desk and send texts, one after another, all day long. YET - as crazy as it sounds, doing just that could be the most effective and efficient way of communicating urgent and timely information/offers.

What if they could do that – and everything else you need them to do to close leads?

Barry comes with robust analytics so you can see who received, opened and replied to the text. Just like on your own phone. You’ll know who is engaged in the conversations and eventually whose consumer behaviour is driven by text, helping you shape your future marketing tactics.

Barry - Sending a Text Flash that your Customers won’t hate.
Still need convincing on the benefits of introducing text flashes? Let us show you more.

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